Graphs with Flexible Labelings allowing Injective Realizations


We consider realizations of a graph in the plane such that the distances between adjacent vertices satisfy the constraints given by an edge labeling. If there are infinitely many such realizations, counted modulo rigid motions, the labeling is called flexible. The existence of a flexible labeling, possibly non-generic, has been characterized combinatorially by the existence of a so called NAC-coloring. Nevertheless, the corresponding realizations are often non-injective. In this paper, we focus on flexible labelings with infinitely many injective realizations. We provide a necessary combinatorial condition on existence of such a labeling based also on NAC-colorings of the graph. By introducing new tools for the construction of such labelings, we show that the necessary condition is also sufficient up to 8 vertices, but this is not true in general for more vertices.

Discrete Mathematics (2020). 343(6): Art. 111713. DOI:10.1016/j.disc.2019.111713